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Hello! I'm Atom Groom. I design interfaces and experiences.

atom groom pictureI’m a designer, thinker, craftsman and storyteller. I am multidisciplinary specializing in graphic design, user interface design, user experience, and front-end web development.

The heart of my career has been uniting different disciplines across design, business, and technology, resulting in products with beautiful design and engaging user experience.

I believe that great design solves real problems. Building products that are fruitful, clean, and alluring is very hard work. But it is worth all the time and effort. I am passionate about creating products that connect with their users to make their lives and jobs easier and more meaningful.

The very best and most recent work in my portfolio cannot be shared publicly. Please contact me to discuss these highlights or feel free to peruse the selected projects.

Here are a few other places you can find me on the internet: